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I. Project objective: The existing site cannot meet the requirements of file management and storage, so as to better preserve vehicle management files and realize the integrity of files.

Ii. Type of procurement organization: open bidding

Iii. Project Overview

1. Project budget: RMB 2,625,000 Yuan (including the personnel salary required by the project (overtime salary, various social insurance premiums stipulated in the Labor Contract Law, accommodation and transportation of personnel, tools and office expenses), administrative office expenses, maintenance costs of public facilities, site rental fees, taxes and other expenses).

2. Service contents: This project aims to store 11,529,941 motor vehicle files and driver files in the Vehicle management Department. A large space is needed for unified management and storage, as well as archiving, storage and transfer of the files.

3. Service area: See service requirements and contents for details.

4. Service period: 18 months from the date of signing the Contract.

5. Place of service: address provided in the tender documents.

6. Bidder Qualification requirements:

(1) Meet Article 22 of the Government Procurement Law of the People's Republic of China;

(2) It has not been listed in the list of persons subject to enforcement for trust-breaking and parties involved in major tax violation cases by the website of Credit China (, and it has not been listed in the list of records of serious illegal and trust-breaking behaviors of government procurement by the website of Government Procurement of China (;

(3) Qualification requirements for implementing government procurement policies: None.

(4) Specific qualification requirements for this program: None.

Iv. Service demand and content

1. The motor vehicle files and driver files of the DMV Department shall provide file storage space and administrative office space, and the cost shall be included in this quotation.

2. There is a fixed parking area to facilitate the parking of the purchaser's vehicles. The cost shall be included in the tender offer.

3. Site area: no less than 6000 square meters.

4. Service location: the service location provided in the tender documents of the winning bidder.

5. During the service period, maintenance costs of public facilities shall be borne by the bidder, including daily maintenance and maintenance fees, elevator maintenance and annual inspection fees, pump maintenance and maintenance fees, fire monitoring equipment maintenance and annual inspection fees.

6. The bidder shall ensure the safety of the leased premises and be responsible for the inspection of the premises and its attachments. The bidder shall respond within 5 minutes after receiving the maintenance call from the purchaser, arrive at the site within 1 hour, and complete the maintenance within 4 hours. If the purchaser or a third party suffers losses due to the delay of the bidder's house maintenance, the bidder shall be responsible for compensation.

7. The bidder shall notify the purchaser in writing ten days in advance of the maintenance of the house and its attached facilities, and the Purchaser shall actively assist and cooperate. If the bidder fails to fulfill the maintenance and maintenance responsibilities agreed in the contract in time, resulting in damage to the premises and causing property loss or personal injury to the purchaser, the bidder shall be liable for compensation.

8. Neither the bidder nor the purchaser shall be liable for any damage to the leased premises and its equipment due to force majeure.

9. During the service period, if the bidder needs to transfer or mortgage the premises, he shall notify the purchaser two months in advance. Under the same conditions, the purchaser has the priority of assignment.

10. The bidder must sign a confidentiality agreement with the purchaser, and the project personnel must sign a separate confidentiality agreement regarding the security of the project documents and data.

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