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Job Requirements:

1. College degree or above;

2. Familiar with environmental protection industry, more than one year business work experience, familiar with business process and procurement process, bidding business work experience is preferred;

3. Careful, rigorous, diligent, inquisitive, aggressive, responsible and career-minded;

4. Good teamwork spirit, strong sense of service and passion for work, quick thinking, strong understanding ability, strong communication, coordination and planning ability, able to work under great pressure;

5. Proficient in office software.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Receive/download/purchase tender;

2. In accordance with the requirements of the bidding document, cooperate with sales and technical personnel to prepare bidding business documents, integrate bidding technical documents to form the overall bidding documents, and complete the preparation, sorting and filing of relevant bidding materials;

3. Draft the commercial contract and agreement of winning the bid;

4. Participate in project bidding on behalf of the company according to bidding requirements;

5. Complete other work temporarily arranged by the company or department.

Education required: College degree

Experience required: 1-3 years

Salary range: 4-5k

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