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Domestic independent R&D and production enterprises focusing on automatic nuclear radiation detection

Zhuhai Guangrui Huili Development Co., Ltd. is a new high-tech enterprise with a registered capital of 11 million yuan located in Zhuhai Hi tech Industrial Development Zone. The company is the only domestic enterprise that focuses on the automatic detection of nuclear radiation based in Guangdong and looking across the country. The company has perfect R&D and production capacity of radiation environment online monitoring instruments and software. At present, many sets of water quality online total radioactivity have been completed in Gansu, Hunan and Guangdong( α/β) Sales of automatic monitoring equipment. In June 2020, our company "low background water quality online" α、β The "Monitoring and Analysis System" has won the first prize of Guangdong Provincial Environmental Protection Science and Technology Award, and has obtained two utility model patents for this product. There are still two invention patents and one utility model patent that have been reviewed and accepted. At the same time, the technical team is also developing the online monitoring of water, gas and soil pollution by artificial nuclides cesium 137, cobalt 60 and strontium 90 produced by nuclear power production. At present, we are the only domestic online monitoring R&D enterprise in this field.


Our goal is to be the largest manufacturer of online nuclear radiation monitoring equipment in China, reflecting that China's smart manufacturing comes from Guangrui Huili!

zhuhai guangrui huili development co.,ltd
zhuhai guangrui huili development co.,ltd

Mainly engaged in the R&D and production of online monitoring instruments and devices for water and atmosphere in the ecological environment

The company has maintained a good cooperative relationship with Anhui Institute of Optics and Precision Machinery, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Nuclear Energy and Safety Technology, University of Science and Technology of China, Fudan University in Shanghai and many other top universities. At the same time, the company has an interdisciplinary research and development team (analytical chemistry, environmental engineering, computer technology, automatic control technology, optoelectronic technology, sealing control, etc.

The company follows the business philosophy of "survival based on quality, development based on technology, market-oriented, and service oriented". In the future, we will always adhere to this concept and be the best ourselves!

Invention patent

Guangrui Huili - the only domestic independent R&D and production enterprise focusing on automatic nuclear radiation detection








High-tech Product Certificate of Guangdong Province (Electromagnetic Radiation Supervision Platform)

Corporate culture

Guangrui Huili - the only domestic independent R&D and production enterprise focusing on automatic nuclear radiation detection

Corporate mission

Ensuring the sustainable development of economy and society

Core values

Customers come first, shareholders come first, employees benefit

Enterprise spirit

Sincerity, simplicity, reverence and gratitude

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  3016, No. 33, Jinmeng Lane, Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai

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