The comprehensive utilization of nuclear energy will help achieve the goal of "double carbon"

"As a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient high-quality energy, nuclear energy is the most competitive and important component of new non-fossil energy in the future. It is an important support for China to actively respond to climate change and achieve the goal of 'double carbon'." Talk about how to plan as a whole to promote green low carbon and high quality development, the standing committee of the CPPCC national committee, the director of China nuclear society Wang Shoujun said, at present, in addition to the traditional nuclear power, the connotation of the comprehensive utilization of nuclear energy widely, application scenario is diversiform, can be used for district heating, industrial heating (cold), seawater desalination, nuclear power, isotope of hydrogen production, etc.; In addition, in special scenarios such as space voyage, deep-sea exploration and island energy supply, nuclear energy has special advantages such as strong sustainability and diverse forms of energy supply.

At present, the United States, Russia, France and other nuclear power countries are actively promoting the comprehensive utilization of nuclear energy, taking it as an important measure to cope with climate action, and using it as a traction to drive nuclear technology innovation and seize the commanding heights of nuclear energy technology. The United States, the United Kingdom, Japan and other countries have vigorously carried out research on the technology of hydrogen production from nuclear energy. France has actively promoted the research and development of multi-functional modular small reactors. Russia has led the world in the research and development and application of floating nuclear power plants and nuclear-powered icebreakers.

To this, Wang Shoujun said that currently, our country already has the opportunity and condition to develop the large-scale comprehensive utilization of nuclear energy. In recent years, both the Haiyang Nuclear Power Plant in Shandong province and Qinshan nuclear Power Plant in Zhejiang Province have used nuclear cogeneration technology to provide heat for urban residents. In May 2022, Jiangsu Tianwan Nuclear Power Steam Supply Project, the country's first nuclear power supply project for industrial use, began construction. The world's first ball-bed modular HTRR nuclear power plant has been connected to the grid in Rongcheng, Shandong Province. HTRR provides high-quality industrial steam, which can be coupled with high energy consumption industries and replace fossil energy for heating/steam supply, reducing carbon emissions. As our "dual carbon" goal continues to advance and the strategy of energy security deepens, the comprehensive utilization of nuclear energy will play more and more important role in supporting the process of our "dual carbon" goal realization.

According to Wang Shoujun, nuclear energy not only has the zero-carbon emission characteristics of renewable energy, but also continues the uninterrupted and stable service characteristics of fossil energy, which fits the energy needs of large-scale manufacturing processes. Should give full play to the large-scale pressurized water reactor, small, modular high temperature gas-cooled reactor (heap, their respective advantages such as low temperature heating reactor, the comprehensive energy consumption demand closely tied to the user side, establish a set of power supply and residential heating, industrial steam supply, hydrogen production, seawater desalination, isotope production is a body can complement each other, can the installations, such as regional integrated energy system, To contribute nuclear energy to our green and low-carbon development in the future.

To this end, Wang Shoujun suggested:

First, accelerate the coupling development of comprehensive utilization of nuclear energy and energy-intensive industries, and break through energy barriers. Under the background of "double carbon", give priority to with traditional fossil energy consumption of the energy intensive industry development face serious constraints, to break through the bulwark of fossil energy, and the comprehensive utilization of nuclear energy can meet the demand of energy intensive industries diversified energy-using, can offer high carbon industry decarburization technology solutions, support national large chemical industry base, large industrial base construction. It is suggested that the state list the demonstration project of integrated energy supply/steam supply of high-temperature gas-cooled reactors for petrochemical, steel and other energy-intensive enterprises as a national science and technology special, carry out relevant application research and practical work, promote the improvement of industry standards and administrative regulations, and provide a new business model and model for the decarbonization of high-energy-consuming enterprises around the world.

Second, we will accelerate the industrialization of nuclear energy for clean heating to ease the huge pressure faced by winter heating. In the case of the continuous reduction of traditional coal power and the failure of new energy to provide heating, some coal power can be replaced by nuclear cogeneration or low-temperature heating reactors to provide heating for the vast northern areas. It is suggested to promote the industrialization of nuclear clean heating at the national level, improve the system of laws and standards from the aspects of site selection, design, approval and supervision, and introduce supporting policies in the aspects of tax, loan interest rate and fiscal subsidies, so as to promote the implementation of nuclear heating projects as soon as possible.

Third, accelerate research, development and demonstration of nuclear hydrogen production technology to provide a reliable basis for large-scale hydrogen production. Hydrogen production from nuclear energy has the advantages of high decomposition efficiency and convenient industrial scale production, which is a promising means of clean hydrogen production. Hydrogen production from nuclear energy has formed a good industrial base in China, especially hydrogen production from high-temperature gas-cooled reactors is expected to become an important solution for large-scale hydrogen supply. It is suggested to set up major projects for hydrogen production from nuclear energy, build demonstration projects for hydrogen production from nuclear energy, specify support in terms of policies, funding and conditions, accelerate the transformation of achievements, and promote the process of carbon emission reduction.

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