Nuclear science has ushered in a new opportunity of "double carbon"

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of nuclear? -- Nearly 40 percent of the public surveyed gave nuclear weapons as the number one answer, followed by nuclear power plants.

On September 19, at the 10th anniversary of the "Charming Light" nuclear science Popularization and the launch ceremony of the first nuclear industry nuclear Science Popularization Creativity Contest jointly held by the Chinese Nuclear Society and China Nuclear Power, the reporter heard such a set of survey results.

What is the current public awareness and acceptance of nuclear energy? In the future, how should nuclear science popularization be further promoted?

The awareness of nuclear energy still needs to be improved

During the event, the Publicity and Education Center of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the China Survey and Data Center of Renmin University of China, China Nuclear Power Co., LTD., and Sinonuclear Guodian Zhangzhou Energy Co., LTD., jointly released a Survey report on the Public Awareness of the advantages of nuclear Energy under the Background of "Dual Carbon".

Zhou Yutong, director of the New media Room of the Publicity and Education Center of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, said that with the introduction of the "double carbon" target, the Chinese public has a certain awareness of climate change and knowledge of ecological environment protection, and recognizes the positive significance of the "double carbon" target, but most of them remain at the subjective level. Especially regarding the advantages of nuclear energy under the background of "dual carbon", most people do not realize the necessity and significant advantages of active and orderly development of nuclear energy.

Compared with the results of the 2017 survey, Zhou pointed out that the public's trust in nuclear power has improved greatly in terms of the technical management ability of the government and nuclear power companies, the ability to control nuclear accidents and information disclosure. "The Chinese public's top three impressions of China's nuclear power are safety, reliability and efficiency, with cleanliness and the country's leading edge slightly worse."

On the basis of the improved trust level, Zhou said that the "NIMBY effect" of nuclear power has been moderated, with more than 70 percent of the public expressing support or conditional support for the construction of nuclear power plants or facilities near their homes. "The safety of nuclear power plants remains a major concern for the public. At present, the whole process of interaction and close contact between domestic nuclear power projects and surrounding residents has not been established. "We believe that with the improvement of social trust in nuclear power and the influence of social environment and norms, the potential for public support and acceptance of nuclear power construction and development will be huge."

Use your expertise to eliminate misconceptions and biases

According to Ye Qizhen, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, nuclear science needs to present scientific principles in an easy-to-understand way, while giving targeted answers to questions and misunderstandings to the public. "Someone once told me that if a nuclear accident like Japan's Fukushima happened in China, it would be a big deal. I asked him back then, why did such a nuclear accident happen in China?" After Japan's Fukushima nuclear accident, the Chinese Academy of Engineering conducted a special study and wrote a corresponding article, which concluded that a nuclear accident like Chernobyl and Fukushima won't happen in China, according to Yip. "The nuclear plants we develop are fundamentally different from the ones that have had accidents."

"The popularization of science is as important as the innovation of science and technology. The two go hand in hand." Tan Jiehui, Secretary of the Party Committee, chairman of China Energy Automobile Communication Group and editor in chief of China Energy News, said that at present, to promote the positive, safe and orderly development of nuclear energy, in the field of nuclear science, to reduce the public's cognition of nuclear energy blind spots, misunderstanding and prejudice. "The public should know about nuclear energy through specialized knowledge and popularization."

Huang Min, deputy director general of the Nuclear Emergency Safety Department of the China Atomic Energy Authority, said that nuclear science and technology in the new era has become an important symbol of world high and new technology, an important support for national security and an important foundation for high-quality development. As a clean and low-carbon baselogenous energy, nuclear energy is of great significance for optimizing the energy structure, ensuring energy supply and promoting the construction of ecological civilization. Entering a new stage of high-quality development of the nuclear industry, nuclear science popularization and public communication should keep pace with The Times, make unremitting efforts, constantly innovate working strategies and methods, gather the positive energy of the whole society, let the public rationally understand and promote the positive, safe and orderly development of the nuclear industry.

The Initiative on popularizing nuclear Science towards 2030 was launched

Cao Shudong, member of the Leading Party Group and deputy General manager of CNNC, pointed out that since the establishment of the nuclear industry, nuclear science popularization has always been a key part of the sustainable development of the nuclear industry, and it resonates with the development of the nuclear industry. With the "dual carbon" goal, the development of nuclear energy has ushered in a new period of strategic opportunities and rapid development.

To this end, the Chinese Nuclear Society and China Nuclear Power Company Limited jointly issued the Beijing Joint Initiative for Nuclear Science Popularization Towards 2030 to the whole society, suggesting the public from all walks of life, In particular, nuclear industry practitioners, media participants, science popularizing researchers and research institutes will work together to continue popularizing science in a more professional, transparent, open and systematic way, helping the public to improve scientific quality and enhance their understanding and trust in nuclear science and technology and safety. Jointly create a favorable social environment for the safe and innovative development and peaceful use of nuclear energy.

The proposal mainly includes eight propositions: accurate popularization of science, adhere to highlighting key points and integrating into daily education; Establish a firm bottom line thinking, strengthen emergency science reserve and mechanism construction; Create a fine model, improve the nuclear science brand connotation and reputation; Keep pace with The Times and constantly innovate the content and form of nuclear science popularization; Focus on integrated communication, encourage excellent popular science works and exhibition production; Promote international exchanges and cooperation in the field of nuclear science popularization with a global perspective; Perfect incentive compatibility, establish linkage mechanism and popular science united front; We will give priority to talents and strengthen the construction of leading talents and backbone teams.

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