Keeping in mind the original mission and Advancing Pollution Prevention and Control -- The Report of the Party's 20 National Congress elicited a warm response in the ecological environment system

The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) opened at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on the morning of Oct 16. In this exciting moment, the ecological environment system of the majority of Party cadres in a variety of forms, carefully listening to the grand conference.

1. Strengthen ideals and beliefs to write a glorious chapter of The Times

"We adhere to the concept that clean waters and lush mountains are gold and silver mountains, and adhere to the integrated protection and systematic management of mountains, rivers, forests, fields, lakes, grass and sand. The system of ecological civilization has been improved, and ecological and environmental protection has undergone historic, transforming and overall changes. Our motherland has bluer skies, greener mountains and cleaner waters." The report to the 20th National Congress of the CPC comprehensively summarized the work of the past five years and the great changes of the new era in the decade, pointing out that ecological and environmental protection has undergone historic, transformational and overall changes.

 After listening to the report, the Party members and officials felt a surge of excitement, greatly encouraged and felt exhilarated.

 As a Party member of the eco-environmental system, I feel very proud of the remarkable achievements made by the Party and the country in the construction of ecological civilization."

"We will earnestly arm our minds and guide our practice with the spirit of the Party's 20 Major ideas, and jointly promote carbon reduction, pollution reduction, green expansion and growth, so as to contribute to the building of a beautiful Hunan and a beautiful garden in the whole region." Hunan Provincial Department of Ecological Environment Party Secretary, director Deng Lijia said.

Wang Xin, Party secretary and director of the Ecological Environment Bureau of Linyi City, Shandong Province, said: "We will resolutely carry out the implementation, under the guidance of the new goals and tasks, the requirements of ecological environment protection to the strategic direction of development, reflected in the strategic goals of development, implementation of the strategic measures of development."

2. Look back on the extraordinary decade and create new glory

Liu Baoxian, deputy to the Party's top 20 congress and Party secretary and director of the Beijing Ecological Environment Monitoring Center, listened to the report at the scene. He said with excitement, "The report on the Party's 20 National Congress is inspiring! As a front-line environmental worker, I feel honored and proud." Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), Beijing's ecological and environmental quality has improved significantly, with unprecedented achievements in air pollution control in particular, he said.

The blue sky and white clouds in Beijing are also a microcosm of the improvement of ecological and environmental quality across the country. The decade since the 18th CPC National Congress has seen the deepest understanding, the greatest intensity, the most concrete measures, the fastest progress, and the most remarkable results in ecological progress and environmental protection. Ecological environment system Party cadres, when listening to the report also filled with emotions.

Li Shuisheng, director general of Shenzhen Ecological Environment Bureau, introduced the Action Plan for Shenzhen to Deepen the Battle against Pollution adopted by Shenzhen Municipal Ecological Environment Commission at the beginning of this year.

"We are on the table the central opinion and the guangdong province carried out, determine the general requirements," top ten action ", the ecological environment management modernization, safeguard measures, a total of 13 plate to programmatic document for the city's pollution prevention and control work to be completed with calibration, requires practice green water castle peak is the concept of jinshan yinshan, consolidate the city's environmental quality." "Li Shuisheng said.

Yang Zhaoxian, secretary of the Party Group and director of Qingdao Bureau of Ecological Environment, is very knowledgeable about the environmental quality in his area. He said that in 2021, the city's air quality reached the second-level national standard for two consecutive years, with 310 days of good air quality. The rate of good air quality increased by 12 percentage points compared with 2013.

Li Xingliang, Party chief and director of the Bureau of Ecological Environment of Ninghe District in Tianjin, also said that the decade since the 18th National Congress of the CPC has achieved the most remarkable results in pollution prevention and control in Ninghe district.

"The blue sky and white clouds have become a daily landscape, no longer an unreachable luxury. The water environment has basically eliminated 'inferior Class V' in the whole area from the sewage flow ten years ago, and eliminated all black and stinky water bodies in the built-up areas." Li Xingliang said.

Looking back ten years brilliant achievements in the field of ecological environment, ecological environment agency water ecological environment of yunnan province ChangSunFengZhi everywhere, jilin province ecological environment agency division level 4 researcher CongXiaoRi, jiangxi province, appropriate ecological environment bureau, director of the center for pollution prevention and control of total shui-ping Chen, in nanjing, the ecological environment comprehensive administrative law enforcement bureau secondary host joshaoska etc. It shows the joy of the mood. Today, the quality of the ecological environment has improved significantly, and the proportion of good days and water bodies has increased significantly. Blue sky and clear water have become the norm. From south to north, from east to west, the blueprint for a beautiful China has been slowly rolled out.

3. Gather striving force based on their own work

"We will intensify efforts to prevent and control environmental pollution. We will continue to fight hard to keep our skies blue, our waters clear and our land clean. We will strengthen coordinated control of pollutants and basically eliminate heavy pollution days. We will make coordinated efforts to improve water resources, the water environment, and the water ecology, promote ecological protection and improvement of major rivers, lakes, and reservoirs, and basically eliminate black and smelly water bodies in cities. We will strengthen prevention and control of sources of soil pollution and control new pollutants. We will improve environmental infrastructure and improve urban and rural living environments." The Report on the Party's 20th National Congress not only gathers great strength to forge ahead in a new era and build a beautiful China, but also sets the target, points out the direction, and sets a clear path.

Many Party members and officials said that the study, publicity and implementation of the Party's 20 Guiding principles should be the primary political task, and that they should maintain their efforts, expand their depth and breadth, and strive to win the battle against pollution with higher standards.

"We will steadily promote high-quality development of ecological and environmental monitoring and make due contributions to writing a new chapter in the building of a beautiful Shanghai." This is the initial aspiration of Huang Zhen, deputy Party secretary and director of the Shanghai Environmental Monitoring Center.

"Automatic ecological monitoring stations are the 'clairvoyant eyes' and' wind ears' of the 'battle against pollution'. I am fully aware of my mission and great responsibility. In my future work, I will stick to my post and deliver the best quality Xijiang water to the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area." That's the confidence of Pan Yan, section chief of automatic monitoring at Wuzhou Ecological Environment Monitoring Center in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

 That's the determination of Liu Xiaolei, director of the Ecology and Environment Bureau in Taizhou, Jiangsu province.

We will draw a new blueprint for our great dreams and usher in a new era for our great cause. For every Party member and official involved in the ecological environment, maintaining strategic focus in the battle against pollution, maintaining the same direction and intensity, and maintaining the bottom line of environmental security is a powerful response to the call of The Times.

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