Welcome home! Atomtech's "nuclear" power helped Shenzhou land safely

Warm congratulations on the safe and soft landing of Shenzhou 13 manned spacecraft with three astronauts on board at Dongfeng Landing Field. The γ (gamma) altitude control device developed by China Tongfu Atomic Science & Technology Co., LTD., with the reference cesium-137 radioactive source, experienced a six-month space flight from the launch of the spacecraft on October 16, 2021 to the return on April 16, 2022, with reliable calibration and good performance in the measurement and control of landing buffer altitude in the recovery section. Made outstanding contributions to the successful Shenzhou 13 flight mission!


It is understood that in the final stage of Shenzhou spacecraft flight mission, it is necessary to accurately detect the height of the re-entry capsule from the ground, in order to start the thrust engine, to ensure that the impact force of the spacecraft landing is controlled within the safety limit, which is the role of the gamma (gamma) altitude control device. Since Shenzhou 8, China has realized full autonomy and control of the technology.

The Shenzhou-13 spacecraft project is the ninth time that the company has participated in a key national space project. For this reason, China Tongfu Atomic Technology has set up a special working group headed by a leading group to ensure the high quality, efficiency, safety and reliability of the project work with a meticulous and rigorous style. For the astronauts to return to the mission to contribute to the nuclear force!

The popular science tips

Gamma height measurement is the measurement of height relative to the ground by gamma rays. A device with a gamma source radiates gamma particles to the ground, reflecting them off the Compton surface. Some of the gamma particles return to space and are picked up by the detector. When the distance is very long, fewer photons will be returned because of the large scattering. As the distance gets smaller and smaller, the scattering decreases and almost all photons will be reflected back.

Cesium-137 is an isotope of cesium that emits gamma rays. It is widely used in industry, medicine, agriculture and biological applications. In industry, it can be used for flaw detection, density measurement and thickness measurement during welding. In medicine, it can be used to diagnose tumors and treat cancer.

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