China Spallation neutron source atmospheric neutron irradiation spectrometer has passed acceptance

Beijing, June 7 (CNR.cn) - Today, the reporter learned from the Institute of High Energy Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences that on June 6, Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology organized experts to carry out the acceptance of the "atmospheric neutron irradiation spectrometer test platform based on China's Spalysis neutron source". Xia Jiawen, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, served as the leader of the acceptance team. The acceptance experts agreed that, based on the spallation neutron source in China, the atmospheric neutron irradiation spectrometer test platform was built by using the planned and constructed atmospheric neutron channel at the target station. The design, development, installation and commissioning of each equipment and the joint commissioning of the spectrometer were completed with high quality. The scheduled tasks were completed and the project construction target was reached. The expert group unanimously approved the acceptance of the project.

The atmospheric neutron irradiation spectrometer is the first ground simulated accelerated test platform for atmospheric neutron in China jointly built by Spallation Neutron Source Science Center and the Fifth Institute of Electronics, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Compared with similar facilities in the world, the neutron performance of the spectrometer built in this project is closer to the energy spectrum of the atmospheric neutron real environment, featuring high neutron flux, wide flux adjustment range, large beam spot size and flexible adjustment.

Chinese spallation neutron source planning since 2011 atmospheric neutron irradiation target site atmospheric neutron spectrometer and the construction of special channel, in guangdong province, with the support of department of atmospheric neutron irradiation spectrometer began construction in 2018, in April 2, a bunch of success, and beam joint debugging, neutron spectrometer beam parameter measurement and irradiation effect validation experiments.

This time, the project team achieved breakthroughs in the measurement of pulsed neutron radiation field in wide energy area, neutron beam regulation in strong irradiation environment, high-energy neutron shielding, atmospheric neutron irradiation effect test platform and other technologies, which has good reference value for the development of relevant work in China.

Atmospheric neutron irradiation spectrometer will provide atmospheric neutron test environment for new semiconductor devices, large-scale integrated circuits, highly reliable electronic equipment, new functional materials, biological irradiation effect, nuclear data measurement, etc. It provides an advanced and powerful atmospheric neutron testing and scientific research platform for the R&D and product manufacturing of highly reliable electronic information systems in the fields of aviation, aerospace, communication, energy, power electronics, modern transportation, medical electronics and high performance computing.

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