Our nuclear science and technology achievements are accelerating the transformation and application

National atomic energy agency (iaea), held in Beijing on March 28, BBS in the first quarter, and publish the "ten nuclear field incident" in 2021, seven pieces of nuclear science and technology research and development and application of related - including heap "hualong, first at home and abroad respectively into commercial operation, tianwan nuclear power station unit 7, 8 and xu existed nuclear power plant unit no. 3, 4, China beishan high-level radioactive waste geological disposal of deep underground laboratory construction, "warm nuclear number one" in the shandong haiyang powerstation, mainland China's first nuclear power qinshan nuclear power plant safety power for 30 years, shidao bay demonstrative project of grid power, high temperature gas cooled reactor nuclear power plants as well as the national conferred da-zhong wang, Peng Shilu model and the era of the nation's highest science and technology prize.

Dong Baotong, deputy director of the China Atomic Energy Authority, said China's nuclear industry has made a series of important scientific and technological achievements from scratch, and successfully set out on a path of self-reliance. In the face of new situations, new tasks and new requirements, it is essential for the sound and sustainable development of the nuclear industry to fully implement the new concepts of development and actively promote the high-quality development of nuclear energy.

Dong Baotong stressed the national atomic energy agency has always attached great importance to nuclear science and technology research and development work, continue to enhance investment in scientific research, promote our country successfully master the third generation of uranium mining technology, a new generation of CF3 nuclear fuel components manufacturing technology, the three generations of nuclear power hualong 1, high-level radioactive waste liquid glass curing technology and so on, to enhance the level of nuclear science and technology in our country, promote the development of nuclear industry high quality plays an important role.

"In accordance with the requirements of basing on the new development stage, implementing the new development concept, building a new development pattern, and promoting high-quality development 'three new and one high', China's nuclear industry still has a large gap in strengthening basic research, strengthening original innovation, and realizing self-reliance in nuclear science and technology based on the requirements." Dong Baotong said frankly.

As a strategic cornerstone for safeguarding national sovereignty and security, nuclear science and technology is playing a more prominent role in the strategic competition among major countries. In nuclear science and technology development strategy, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, roach said technology development is followed by independent innovation, implementation is the basis of nuclear science and technology support and all-around to strengthen basic research, nuclear field in scientific research, personnel training, special construction, basic research platform building and innovative laboratory set up to strengthen investment.

Nuclear energy development in China, the present situation and development trend of Chinese Academy of Engineering Ye Qi stand pointed out that with nuclear power technology constantly breakthroughs, to further improve safety and economy, comprehensive utilization of nuclear energy will further expand the range of small modular reactors will also be in the power supply, heat supply, industrial hydrogen production, seawater desalination, and other applications for important development opportunities.

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