Water quality low background αβ automatic on-line monitoring system

With the rapid development of our nuclear undertakings, the use of nuclear energy in energy, industry and medicine has been more and more widely, and the speed of the construction of nuclear power plants is also accelerating. However, while nuclear energy brings great benefits to human beings, it also increases the possibility of environmental radioactive pollution and public exposure to radioactive pollution and radiation to varying degrees. Due to the short range of α and β particles, their damage to human body is mainly through inhalation and ingestion of internal irradiation, so the detection of total α and total β radioactive activity in drinking water source is particularly important.

Four-way low background α, β measuring instrument

Our company independently developed and produced four low background α/β measuring instrument is mainly used to measure the total α and β radioactivity of environmental, food, water and other samples. The instrument is composed of main detector, anti-coincidence detector, photomultiplier tube, high voltage module, anti-coincidence electronics module, lead shielding chamber, data processing and display terminal, etc., to measure the total α and total β radioactive activity in the sample. The instrument has four independent main detectors, which can simultaneously measure four samples and give the total α total β activity of the four samples respectively. It has the advantages of high sensitivity, low background, simple structure, convenient operation, stable and reliable.

Radioactive aerosol on-line monitor

The online radioactive aerosol monitor is suitable for the continuous monitoring of the radioactive aerosol formed by various long-lived nuclides in the air. It can give the activity concentration of α and β radioactive aerosol in the air at the same time. Energy screening method and improved α/β ratio method were used to further eliminate the interference of radon and Th progeny in aerosol samples. Therefore, the monitor has high monitoring sensitivity and can meet the monitoring requirements of radioactive aerosols in high radon and Th environments (concentrations up to 102~104Bq/m3).

Water strontium-90 rapid qualitative determination instrument

The rapid qualitative determination instrument for strontium-90 in water is an instrument for rapid qualitative determination of strontium-90 in water by the change of photosynthetic activity of planktonic algae under the stress of nuclide 90Sr. The instrument uses chlorophyll fluorescence as the probe of algae photosynthesis process to detect the photosynthetic activity of algae rapidly and nondestructively. The inhibition rate of photosynthetic activity of algae under 90Sr stress was obtained by the "control-test" dual channel test. Using the dose-effect relationship database between 90Sr and photosynthetic inhibition rate of algae, combined with the threshold model of environmental stress, rapid qualitative determination of strontium-90 in water and real-time warning of ecological and environmental risks were realized.

Laboratory high purity germanium gamma spectrometer

The laboratory high purity germanium gamma spectrometer independently developed by our company is a set of domestic high purity germanium spectrometer products, which is mainly composed of P-type HPGE detector with relative efficiency of 50%, low background lead chamber, digital multi-channel, and supporting GammaSense spectrum analysis software.

Online fluorescence spectrum analyzer for algae in water

The online analyzer of algae fluorescence spectrum in water is an online analytical instrument for algae classification and measurement using discrete three-dimensional fluorescence spectrum technology. Using the three dimensional fluorescence spectrum contains the rich algae pigments "fingerprints" of information, combined with aliasing fluorescence spectrum analysis method, realize the cyanobacteria, green algae, diatoms and dinoflagellates main algae and hidden algae such as sea lake library accurate identification and accurate quantitative analysis of chlorophyll concentration, community recognition accuracy and chlorophyll quantitative accuracy is superior to the similar equipment.

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