Automatic monitoring system for atmospheric ammonia and benzene series

Atmospheric ammonia and benzene series automatic monitoring system using the optical absorption principle for direct measurement of the atmospheric environment monitoring of atmospheric composition system, optical path 20-100 - m suitable work, work is divided into separate transmitting/receiving end direct-injection and transmit/receive one reflection type two kinds, the use of the two ways mainly decided according to the installation site. The system consists of transmitting telescope, receiving telescope, mirror, spectral processing unit, spectral analysis unit, control computer and so on. The main maintenance component of the system is the optical component.

Gas leakage laser on - line detector

Natural gas leakage laser online detector is a non-contact online automatic detection of natural gas leakage analysis system, with real-time online detection of natural gas leakage and automatic alarm function, the whole system adopts industrial control computer intelligent control, the use of tunable semiconductor laser absorption spectrum technology and open optical path configuration. The measurement and analysis of the near infrared radiation "fingerprint" characteristic absorption spectrum of toxic and harmful gases in the leakage gas realize the qualitative and quantitative on-line automatic monitoring of multi-component gas.

Remote sensing detector for radon in the atmosphere

Remote sensing of atmospheric distribution non-contact Diffusion path monitoring A large area of uninterrupted monitoring Emergency radiation release monitoring

DOAS long optical path automatic atmospheric monitoring system

Atmospheric differential absorption automatic monitoring system adopts the international leading long optical path technology to carry out on-line continuous automatic monitoring of urban air quality.

Fourier infrared spectroscopy VOCs gas analyzer

The Open path Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy system provides real-time quantification of hundreds of chemical compounds to achieve economical multigas monitoring. Monitoring of as few as two gases using Open path FTIR typically has lower initial and medium-term operating costs than other detection techniques, with reliable regulatory compliance monitoring and a concern for the community's Paramount safety and health.

Polarization micropulse Lidar

The MPL-T series of micropulse lidar consists of a semiconductor laser pumped Nd:YAG pulse laser, a common axis transmitting and receiving optical system, a highly sensitive photodetector, a high-speed multi-channel counter and computer, and control and data processing software. The outstanding features of the MPL-T series micro-pulse lidar system are: simple structure, small size, light weight, low cost, continuous operation and easy to carry. The modular structure of key components ensures the stability of the system and the reliability of the detection data, and can automatically detect day and night continuously.

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